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June, 2003

Book Name: ICL Revision Kit Series: Management Principles

Author: Dr. Steve Ho, PhD, MBA, BSc(Econ), BA(Hons), ACMA, CPA, ACIS, ACS, Grad. Dip Acct

Special Features: This revision kit is concise in content with enough practical examples to help those to prepare examinations for the management subject at university/professional level. For those preparing A Level Examination for the subject of Business Studies, this kit is also a good reference. The kit involves some case studies to help students to apply management skills/concepts at simulated working environment. Moreover, this kit also includes a mock examination paper as the final revision.

Price: HK$100

Chapter Preview: Free Download the first five chapters in PDF format, please CLICK Here.

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* Other e-books in the subjects of accounting, business law, and China Taxation will be coming in July and August!