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About University of Washington

Master in Strategic Planning for Critical Infrastructure

Master in Construction Engineering

WU Certificate Programs leading to degree

University of Washington, Educational Outreach
4311 11th Avenue Northeast
Seattle, Washington 98105
Telephone: 206-543-2320

Other Certificate Programs:

Business Foundations
(University's accredited program)

Web Consultant for Small Business

Writers' Program

All UW Educational Outreach Courses for international students
University of Washington - Distance Learning Programs in Hong Kong

In-Com Link Management Associates Ltd., is proud of the representative of University of Washington, a well-known University in the world, to present its on-line distance learning programs with the support of our professional services in Hong Kong.

Because all the on-line programs are mainly through distance learning, we will not actively play teaching role for the programs. Instead, our role is a facilitator to help students to study in most effective way. With our support, students will not study alone. We will have the following activities that are very useful in their study process.

(1) We will arrange regular discussion forums for students about the assignments, examinations, etc. We will help them to form study groups to meet regularly.

(2) Regular seminars relating to the main topics of each course subject will be launched. Speakers must be those who have well experience to the topics.

(3) We will connect with the University to obtain past examination papers, and additional exercises of the subject for helping students to know more about their own competencies.

(4) We will recruit some qualified instructors to design mock exercises for students to take more practices. Nevertheless, it is not the course requirements from the University and should be optional. However, we strongly recommend students to submit the exercises because our instructors will mark them carefully and make detailed comment.

(5) We will take care all the student administration, such as enrollment, deferral, graduation, and communication feedback to the University on students' behalf. We always helps studying at most economic way, e.g. discount on bulk purchases of textbooks.

Here, you can find the following programs offered by University of Washington

1. Degree Programs

2. Certificate Programs leading to degree

3. Other Certificate Programs:

Certificate Program: Business Foundations (University's accredited program)

Certificate Program: Web Consultant for Small Business
(Approved by the UW Computer Science and Engineering Department and the UW Information School, in partnership with Prentice Hall, the Public Broadcasting System and the World Organization of Webmasters.)

Certificate Program: Writers' Program

(It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which the courses may lead. This degree course is no need to be registered as it is a full correspondence course.)

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