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中國職業經理人CCMC(Chinese Career Manager Certification)資格評價體系培訓課程(Training Program leading to the qualification of Chinese Career Manager Certification)


關於中國職業經理人CCMC資格評價體系 (About Chinese Career Manager Certification):


中國職業經理人CCMC資格評價體系(中國網頁)(CCMC website in PRC)

中國天津经济技术开发区社会发展局关于开发区培训中心--“职业经理人资格认证”的方案 (PRC Tianjin Social Development Bureau - CCMC Training Program)

清华大学应用技术学院项目管理培训中心中国职业经理人培训(Tsinghua University - CCMC Training Program)

烟台教育学院烟台广播电视大学中国职业经理人培训(Yantai Education Institute Yantai TV University - CCMC Training Program)

华南地区培训认证咨询网CCMC资格认证体系 (Training & Authentication in South China - CCMC Training Program)